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In a profession that specializes in conflict resolution and verbal acuity, the ability to leverage those skills to build relationships in a broader community is often what makes for a successful and fruitful legal career. Of course, the basics of legal networking apply here: attending industry events and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn. While this provides a good starting place, there’s more to attorney networking if you want to create a holistic approach.

Let’s take a look at some ways to strategically network in furtherance of building and maintaining lasting connections. 

Benefits of Networking for Lawyers

For a lawyer, networking offers numerous tangible benefits, which can be grouped into three main areas.

  • Career advancement – Having a strong professional network increases your visibility to open law jobs, and keeps you top of mind when the opportunity arises. Someone in your network may even help you navigate how to prepare for a law firm interview effectively.
  • Knowledge exchange – Connecting with colleagues across different sectors is a valuable source of knowledge and insights. If you are working on a thorny legal issue for a client, you can call upon your network of experts to gain advice. 
  • Client acquisition and retention – As you rise in the ranks, top firms will expect you to acquire and retain clients. The stronger connections you have, the easier it is to build and maintain these relationships.

Put differently, if you’re not actively building connections, you’re stifling your legal career in more than one way.

Traditional Networking Avenues

Meeting other lawyers face-to-face is essential for building connections and credibility in the legal industry. Here are three traditional networking avenues worth exploring.

Bar Association Events and Conferences

Hopefully, you are already a member of the American Bar Association. You should also consider joining local, state, or specialty bar associations. They organize events and conferences which are great places for lawyer networking.

Legal Seminars and Workshops

There is probably a legal networking group seminar or workshop taking place near you this month. Attend one, and you'll inevitably expand your professional network. Platforms like Eventbrite are a good resource for finding legal networking events in your area.

Modern Networking Strategies

As valuable as traditional networking avenues are, modern networking strategies need to be a part of your arsenal. Having an online presence, for example, is an absolute must, and this includes more than uploading your resume to an online platform and hoping a law firm, company, or potential client notices you. 

Make the Most Out of LinkedIn

For one, your LinkedIn profile needs to be up-to-date and optimized properly. Use a descriptive headline and a professional photo, concisely highlight your skills and experience, and seek recommendations from colleagues and clients. More importantly, actively engage in discussions with other lawyers.

Expand Your Reach

LinkedIn is not the end all be all when it comes to online networking. Discussions about legal matters also take place on platforms like X and Reddit. If you consistently provide value by answering questions and showcasing your expertise, you can expand your network beyond the confines of the corporate world.

Get Creative With Your Online Networking Strategy

Even social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok can be very effective at building an online presence and carving out a niche audience. This, too, can be valuable for legal networking and potentially lead to some new, exciting opportunities. 

Work With Legal Recruiters

Working with legal recruiters can help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market, as recruiters have access to a wide network of contacts and know about opportunities that may not be publicly advertised.

Networking Skills for Lawyers

Successful lawyers articulate complex legal concepts clearly, concisely, and persuasively. Effective communication is a crucial aspect of the legal profession, and it is also an essential skill for building networks and fostering relationships. 

There are no shortcuts to becoming a more effective communicator. You need to practice, and you do that by conversing and connecting with others. Commit to attending legal networking events, conferences, and virtual workshops. If you make this a part of your professional routine, your communication skills will develop naturally over time.

Maintaining professional relationships requires effort as well, but more than anything else it is about listening and being curious. If the people in your network feel valued, they will provide value to you.

Challenges and Solutions in Lawyer Networking

Having a good theoretical grasp of lawyer networking can be incredibly helpful, but applying it in the real world may cause some challenges. The primary one is not knowing how to approach people. 

When you're trying to build a connection, it's always a good idea to open with a compliment. Familiarize yourself with the person's work, and find something specific to praise. It could be a recent LinkedIn post they wrote, or a project they handled. When you're at a conference, you can compliment a presentation they gave or engage in a thoughtful discussion about it.

You do not need to sell yourself directly, but you should have an elevator pitch that should briefly explain who you are, your practice area, and what you do. A good start would be something like, "I specialize in helping non-profits navigate financial regulations." You can expand, test, and refine your pitch based on the feedback you receive.

Network Proactively With E.P. Dine

Attorney networking is about consistently investing time into building relationships. When you network proactively, you create momentum, which helps connections develop faster.

To step up your networking game, reach out to E.P. Dine. For more than 40 years, our team has been helping candidates build successful careers. Fostering valuable relationships is at the core of what we do.


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