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Building a career strategy?
In search of your next step?

We’re here to help.

When considering a career move, it’s hard to know where to start. Our team has been helping candidates to build successful careers and find the right legal opportunities for over 40 years. Whether you’re looking for lateral associate, partner, in-house counsel, or C-suite opportunities, we will be your trusted partner during the search process and beyond. Discover some of the best in-house and law firm jobs with the legal search professionals at E.P. Dine.

We listen.

Every situation is unique. We take the time to understand your current skill set, qualifications, and career goals to find the perfect legal opportunity, including:

  • What work excites you and what kind of career opportunities are you looking for in the future?
  • What are your short- and long-term professional goals? What are your core values and your priorities for your next position?
  • What would be the right management + work style for you?
  • Is your current employer supporting your practice? What might be a better platform for you?

We strategize.

We understand the challenges and complexity involved in making a career move. Our team works with you to craft a search strategy, informed by our market knowledge and your priorities, and we leverage our diverse client base to present you with the most exciting and on point opportunities

We prepare.

With our extensive experience in counseling lateral partner and associate candidates, as well as general counsel and in-house counsel candidates, we help you to:

  • Understand the client. We equip you with a detailed understanding of every role and client you consider, so you can determine if a match makes (or doesn’t make) sense.
  • Advertise your strengths. A positive first impression is key. We work with you to craft a resume and deal sheet that clearly represent your skills and value-add.
  • Interview prep. Some candidates have not interviewed since their 2L year and need a bit of practice before applying to in-house or law firm jobs. Our team will work through practice questions with you, provide detailed feedback, and help you to confidently navigate your interviews.
  • Establish your value. It’s imperative to accurately represent your value proposition. For senior attorneys, we work closely with you to craft the most effective and powerful business plans, client lists, and narratives in order to advance your legal career.

We execute.

We keep our candidates informed about new opportunities, each tailored to their specific skill sets and interests. Whether looking for a law firm associate position, an in-house counsel job or a partner-level or general counsel role, we make sure to keep all our candidates abreast of the latest career opportunities.  Throughout the interview process, our recruitment team provides prompt, candid feedback. When you have an offer in hand, we help you navigate the path to signing, onboarding, and making the most of this new opportunity.  Candidates and clients return to us for guidance and hiring support throughout their careers, which we consider the highest compliment.

“Having worked with E.P. Dine as a candidate and a client, I can attest to their excellence in all aspects of the search process. I have recently engaged E.P. Dine on several searches and they have been an invaluable resource.  Their recruiters work as true partners from start to finish, and distinguish themselves with their unparalleled market knowledge, commitment, integrity, and relationships with top talent.  They get me and that is why I trust them implicitly.”

Jesse Yeo
Executive Vice President & Senior Deputy General Counsel, Transactions and M&A, Advance Publications

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