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Partner Recruiting

With over 40 years of top-tier partner and practice group placements, E.P. Dine has developed extensive, time-tested relationships with leading law firms and boutiques, as well as the talent they seek to recruit. Our extensive network reaches across the legal spectrum, connecting us intimately with the most accomplished partners in the nation. Our team specializes in lateral partner recruiting, general counsel searches, law firm associate recruiting, and in-house counsel recruiting. E.P. Dine has a deep understanding of the nuanced dynamics within law firm partnerships. Leveraging our experience, we align the goals of law firm partners with the firm's core values and partnership culture.

Team expertise

Our seasoned legal recruiters are experts at guiding the delicate and often complex process of lateral partner moves. We regularly assist premier law firms with their strategic lateral partner hiring initiatives, handling retained and exclusive searches across all major practice areas. Our team also works directly with partners who are proactively seeking a new professional home for a variety of strategic reasons. E.P. Dine stands as a trusted lateral recruiter, offering unparalleled support to both law firms and lateral partners alike, forging connections that define success in the legal industry.

Industry relationships

The strength of our partner practice centers on the quality of our relationships. We deliver exceptional results for our clients and candidates, and these many years of success have afforded us access to the most sought after law firms and partners in the market. Our extensive network of law firm partners spans across practice areas, offering a unique vantage point that enables us to match partners with the strategic objectives of prestigious law firms. This synergy is the hallmark of our lateral partner practice, where our seasoned law firm partner recruiters leverage their expertise to forge connections that transcend conventional placement. Through our meticulous lateral partner recruiting efforts, we have solidified our position as a leading force in the legal industry, seamlessly aligning premier law firms with exceptional lateral attorney talent that propels mutual success.

Individualized approach

In any strategic search, both law firms and individual partners are looking to develop fruitful, enduring professional relationships. The stakes are high for all parties when hiring partners. We work to ensure that a lateral partner and their potential new firm complement one another across a diverse array of metrics, including the partner’s professional experience, potential match with existing core firm values, and how their law career goals align with the ambitions of the firm. Most importantly, from start to finish, we at E.P. Dine are in conversation with our clients every step of the way so they hire the talent that best fits their strategic needs.

“David and his team at EP Dine are in a league of their own when it comes to market knowledge, connections with the key decision makers at top-tier law firms, and their level of professionalism. David's strategic analysis was invaluable, as he got to know me personally and professionally, and he always took a long-term view in our discussions. No pressure, just thoughtful, calm and consistent weighing of a unique opportunity. He was also accessible 24/7, whenever I needed him as a sounding board. David and his team are everything I would hope for and recommend in a career advisor to premier law firm partners.”

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Lateral Partner Recruiting Made Simple

Navigating the intricate landscape of lateral legal recruitment requires a strategic approach that takes into account a myriad of factors, from specific practice areas to the unique visions of both partners and law firms. At E.P. Dine, we make the process straightforward and effective, streamlining the journey towards successful partnerships. Whether you're an equity partner seeking new horizons, a non-equity partner looking to make a strategic move, or a managing partner aiming to enhance your firm's success, our team can help.

Our seasoned partner recruiters possess a deep understanding of the legal industry. Our holistic methodology addresses not only your professional goals but also your personal aspirations, considerations, relationships and challenges. We're here to simplify the process, offering support that goes beyond closing a deal, ensuring your transition is not only smooth but also enriching.