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Los Angeles is not just a hub for the entertainment industry; it's a focal point for legal innovation, hosting a wide array of law firms, from boutique practices to global powerhouses. As seasoned legal recruiters in Los Angeles, E.P. Dine specializes in placing top-tier legal talent across various practice areas, including intellectual property, real estate, and capital markets. We offer comprehensive legal recruitment services for:

  • General Counsel and Senior Legal Positions: Spearheading the general counsel executive search for visionary leaders within the corporate legal landscape.
  • In-House Counsel Talent: Connecting corporations with expert in-house counsel who drive business strategy and compliance.
  • Law Firm Associate and Lateral Partner Placement: Facilitating career-defining moves for law firm associates and established partners seeking new challenges.

Leveraging legal recruiting to navigate Los Angeles's complex market enables firms and candidates to gain a competitive edge, ensuring the right matches that lead to long-term success.

How We Help Employers
Find the Right Fit

In Los Angeles's competitive legal scene, finding the right candidate extends beyond their resume. E.P. Dine takes a holistic approach, considering each candidate's professional journey, practice area expertise, and potential to mesh with your firm's culture and values. Our in-depth process ensures we present employers with not just any legal talent, but the right fit—professionals who will thrive in your environment and contribute to your firm’s strategic goals.

Our network spans the breadth of Los Angeles and beyond, tapping into pools of talent across the United States. This extensive reach ensures we can fulfill diverse legal recruiting needs, from attorney recruiting for bustling firms to sourcing legal talent for a tech startup.

How We Help Candidates
Find the Right Fit

For legal professionals in Los Angeles, E.P. Dine acts as a career strategist and advocate. We understand the intricacies of the Los Angeles legal market—from the corporate corridors of Century City to the innovation hubs in Silicon Beach. By aligning your career goals with the current market landscape, we identify opportunities that not only match your expertise but also promise growth and fulfillment.

We guide you through every step, from navigating the complexities of lateral partner recruiting to understanding the nuances of in-house roles across Southern California. Our dedication to your success is reflected in our personalized approach, ensuring that your next move is a leap toward your aspirations.

“I've worked with E.P. Dine for many years, both as a candidate and a client. E.P. Dine has consistently provided me with excellent advice and service. They go to great lengths to understand their client's needs and work hard to match the right candidate to the opportunity. They are a trusted and valuable resource and I highly recommend them.”

Deirdre Stanley
Executive Vice President & General Counsel, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Why Choose Us

Opting for E.P. Dine in Los Angeles means choosing a partner deeply embedded in the local legal community with a comprehensive understanding of both the challenges and opportunities within this unique market. Our reputation as a top legal recruiter in Los Angeles is built on our commitment to excellence, our strategic insights into the recruiting landscape, and our bespoke approach to each search.

With E.P. Dine, you gain more than a legal recruiter; you gain a partner dedicated to achieving your goals. Whether advancing your career or enhancing your legal team, we offer the expertise, network, and support to successfully navigate Los Angeles's dynamic legal environment.

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