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Chicago, renowned for its influential legal market, houses numerous top-tier law firms, bustling corporate legal departments, and a vibrant community of legal professionals. E.P. Dine, with its pulse on the Chicago legal scene, excels in navigating this complex market. Our services encompass:

  • General Counsel Searches: Identifying visionary leaders for corporate legal departments.
  • In-House Counsel Recruitment: Connecting businesses with strategic legal advisors across practice areas.
  • Law Firm Associate Placement: Matching law firms with associates ready to contribute and grow.
  • Lateral Partner Moves: Facilitating significant career transitions for established partners.

Choosing E.P. Dine means leveraging unparalleled local expertise and a national network to secure the legal industry's best talent. Whether it's intellectual property, real estate, corporate law, or emerging legal disciplines, we are adept at placing high-caliber candidates in roles where they thrive.

How We Help Employers
Find the Right Fit

At E.P. Dine, our methodology for assisting employers begins with an in-depth understanding of your organizational culture, the specific role you're looking to fill, and the unique dynamics of your legal team. We recognize that each Chicago-based law firm and corporate legal department has its own set of values, challenges, and objectives. By aligning our search strategy with these factors, we ensure that we're not just filling a position, but enhancing your legal team's overall capabilities and cohesion.

Our specialized legal recruiting services cover the gamut of legal roles — from in-house legal counsel who can navigate the complexities of corporate law to law firm associates and lateral partners who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective practice areas. With our comprehensive approach, we deliver candidates who not only possess the requisite legal skills and experience but also share your firm's vision and commitment to excellence. This bespoke approach guarantees that each placement is not merely a hire, but a strategic addition to your team.

How We Help Candidates
Find the Right Fit

For candidates, our role extends beyond the traditional legal recruiter. We delve into your legal career aspirations, practice area preferences, and the nuances that define your ideal work environment. This initial consultation allows us to understand what motivates you, what you value in a workplace, and how we can best position you for success in the competitive Chicago legal market. It's about finding the right fit where you can truly excel and make a significant impact.

Following this, we craft a personalized Chicago legal search strategy that considers your unique profile, leveraging our extensive network of Chicago's top law firms and corporations. By presenting you with curated opportunities that align with your career goals and aspirations, we not only assist in advancing your career but also ensure that your next move is a fulfilling one. Our dedicated support through the application process, from refining your resume to interview preparation, is designed to position you as the standout candidate, securing roles that propel your legal career to new heights. 

“I've worked with E.P. Dine for many years, both as a candidate and a client. E.P. Dine has consistently provided me with excellent advice and service. They go to great lengths to understand their client's needs and work hard to match the right candidate to the opportunity. They are a trusted and valuable resource and I highly recommend them.”

Deirdre Stanley
Executive Vice President & General Counsel, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Why Choose Us

In choosing E.P. Dine, you're partnering with a legal recruiting team that brings unparalleled expertise and deep-rooted local and broader legal market knowledge. Our proven track record in placing top legal talent in roles that fit perfectly with their skills and career goals is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on the depth of our relationships within the legal community, ensuring that we're always in tune with the latest market knowledge, opportunities, and challenges. 

Our approach is defined by a commitment to understanding the unique needs and aspirations of both employers and candidates. This dual focus allows us to make connections that are not just successful but sustainable, fostering long-term growth and satisfaction on both sides. With E.P. Dine, you're choosing more than a legal recruiter; you're choosing a partner who is dedicated to your success in the dynamic and demanding Chicago legal market.

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